In the 21st century technology is everywhere and there is many types of technology, mobile phones, tablets, computers and many more. Technology is used everywhere and most of the population uses it. The most evolving technology is mobile phones but not just the phones it self the one thing most people communicate with… messaging. Messaging is the most used way of communication in the 21st century because most people have access to this way of messaging and it’s soooooo much better. Messaging is soo much faster and easier. But is it easy?

The way people message now it soo different from when we speak verbally. In messaging some people will put punctuation in their messages but when we speak we don’t say full stop or comma we speak how they are spoke so when we stop a sentence we stop not “full stop” or when a comma is we take a breather. This isn’t the most predominate difference. The most predominate difference is abbreviations. In recent times, abbreviations have been used be most people in messaging¬†especially the youth of today. Many younger people get access to technology very young now so by the time they grow up they know how to use most technology and very well.

Now abbreviations have been evolved rapidly. Abbreviations have changed messaging. In messaging abbreviations like ‘u’ for you or ‘r’ for are has been used by more and more people. It is


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