I believe science is not a threat to humanity as science saves and improves lives. Science has allowed much greater medical care for the sick and disabled in society. Lifespans have increased and previously terrible diseases can be dealt with (such as cholera). Increased crop yields from intensive farming are providing enough food for the world (even if it is not being properly distributed). Science has also enabled those who were born with disabilities to live better lives, as society is able to adapt and accommodate them.

Also, science is a set of tools to improve humanity; like anything it should be used with caution. Science is not a threat to mankind, its misuse by selfish or misguided humans is the issue. Knowledge of the functioning of the universe is ethically neutral. The knowledge of science is a tool to improve the well-being of humanity and increase life choices. Like any tool it can be misused, it should be regulated and used carefully, there must be checks from government to make sure that science does not go further and faster than is in the interests of the state or than its people want. It is only through regulation, checks and inspections that we can make sure that science is used for good rather than ill and ensure that the research is performed in a moral way. But possible misuse is not a reason to outright ban such an important concept. Knowledge is morally neutral in that it has no preferences itself.

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