I think this person had a tattoo that says ‘Another lost child’ because he has lost a friend or relative that is a child. I think this because he was in a gang and in a gang children get involved ,sometimes gangs have wars, and children get killed so I think he had a tattoo […]

In the beginning of the tempest, Prospero is introduced in act 1 Scene 2 where he tellvs Miranda about the tempest that has happened and how the ship had crashed. Prospero tries to say he has created this tempest for her safety. Then Prospero tries and says that he done no harm to anyone as […]

Robert Frost uses the idea of a cross road to show the difficult decision humans have to decide. For example, Frost describes ‘Two roads diverged in a yellow wood’ to show the indecision. The two roads show the walker has a desision to take one road which could be inccoret but the other one could […]

Bias-presenting only one side of an argument Is the Bbc unbiased? Format: Radio broadcast 1:08 minutes Introduction-music,sub-heading,presenter,time, Interview: 13 years old girl, mother,teacher,expert Different stories: self harm- growing,concern warning for public,advice. Self harm: investigation. 3:49 minutes: Terrorists attacked Charlie ebdo, political magazine. 12 dead, 4 critical, 11 wounded, killer escape,

Literal meaning means a simple meaning, a direct meaning or it is a meaning without figurative meaning. “Do not infest your mind with the beating of this strange business” I think the literal meaning is Do not worry about this what has happened. The metaphor in this are infest, beating, strange business. How does Shakespeare […]

Son: This is how it has to be Mother: But why do you have to risk your life for that Son: because I have to put my opinion out there before they take it from us Mother: So you would risk your life for that Son: It won’t be any killing no guns involved in […]

William Shakespeare was an amazing man who was a play writer and poet who made many plays including Macbeth, the tempest and Romeo and Juliet. William Shakespeare (1564 – 1616) was born at Stratford-upon-Avon in a house in Henley Street. His mother, Mary Arden, was one of the daughters of Robert Arden, a yeoman farmer […]

Task: To find and define at least 20 unusual words. Work: broom-groves means gorse thickets, wood. lass-lorn means without a (female) lover. A corollary means something is one too many. Murkiest means the darkest place. Aspersion means a blessing. Halt means You have a limp. Austerely means a severely thing. Vexations means physcial trails. Outstrip […]

Act 3 Sc 3: In this scene Gonzalo, Alonso, Antonio, Sebastian, Prospero, Francisco, Ariel and Adrian are in this scene. In this scene Ariel has stood up to Gonzalo Sebastian and Alonso. Ariel says ‘ Ling’ring perditon’ Which shows that Ariel is threating that Ariel will slowly kill them. I chose it because this shows […]

In this scene he characters prospero, ferdinand, ariel, iris, ceres, juno, miranda, caliban, stephano and trinculo. In this scene the charcters prospero and ferdinand talk about how propero tested ferdinand to see how much he loved miranda and how he pasted. I know this because he says ‘All thy vexations were but myy trials of […]