Lichens can be used as environmental indicator because lichens produce sulfur dioxide and this gets released in the air. When sulfur dioxide and rain mix they make acid rain so with lichens they will make more acid rain. Also, sulfur dioxide is toxic/poisonous so if there is a high level of sulfur then the air […]

Natural selection is when a species of animal moves to a different habitat. When they move to this unknown habit and they don’t have the right characteristics to survive the new habitat or it take a lot of time to gain resources. After, a while a mutation happens in the DNA and sometimes the mutation […]

  In the 21st century technology is everywhere and there is many types of technology, mobile phones, tablets, computers and many more. Technology is used everywhere and most of the population uses it. The most evolving technology is mobile phones but not just the phones it self the one thing most people communicate with… messaging. […]

1)So Um… I think Like You know We..We.. A* 2)Um.. (To think what to say next) Like (To make an example) You know (To see if they know what you said) I think What Okay

What is anthony ‘ intentions? How does this affect the rest of the play? I believe anthony’ intentions are that he is going to get revenge for ceasar death. I believe this as anthony says “Woe to the hand that shed this costly blood.” I interpret this as anthony saying pain will come to the […]

How does shakespeare build tension and play with the idea of fate? Shakespeare uses dramatic irony to build tension because the Julius Ceasar had been made hundreds of years after the story of Julius Ceasar so most of the audience knew about the story of Julius Ceasar and his death. The audience knew about ceasar […]

In this scene, a scared casca and cicero are in the streets of Rome. There is thunder and lightning. Casca tells cicero all his fears like ‘ the sway of the earth or ‘ civil strife in heaven.’ These quotes are examples of pathetic fallacy. Pathetic fallacy is when the writer uses nature to describe […]

I believe science is not a threat to humanity as science saves and improves lives.┬áScience has allowed much greater medical care for the sick and disabled in society. Lifespans have increased and previously terrible diseases can be dealt with (such as cholera). Increased crop yields from intensive farming are providing enough food for the world […]

Dear Headmaster I believe the school hours should change as it will make a positive impact to pupils’ education and behaviour. This will make a difference because teenagers cannot sleep as the hormone melatonin, the hormone that makes us feel tired, isn’t produced till late at night so they will be up all night. This […]

I think this person had a tattoo that says ‘Another lost child’ because he has lost a friend or relative that is a child. I think this because he was in a gang and in a gang children get involved ,sometimes gangs have wars, and children get killed so I think he had a tattoo […]