November 15, 2015

Anthony ‘ soliloquy act 3 sc 1

What is anthony ‘ intentions?
How does this affect the rest of the play?

I believe anthony’ intentions are that he is going to get revenge for ceasar death. I believe this as anthony says “Woe to the hand that shed this costly blood.” I interpret this as anthony saying pain will come to the conspirator who spilled the blood of caesar. I think this because woe means sorrow and when someone is in sorrow it means they are in great pain. Also, the costly blood I believe it means it is ceasar blood so this is why I believe the quote ” woe to the hand that she’d this costly blood” means pain will come to the conspirators who had the blood of ceasar on there hands.

The quote ” woe to the hand that she’d this costly blood” also sounds like anthony is saying that great sorrow will come to the hand that shed ceasar’ blood. Anthony is giving the woe personification. It is giving the word woe a human feeling, anthony is saying woe as the feeling sorrow.

I believe that in anthony’ soliloquy that anthony it trying to say he is sorry for shaking the hands of the men who killed the man who said he was his right hand.

Also,in this soliloquy anthony wants to express that he is in pain as he is sad for the death of ceasar because in the play before ac 3 sc 1 ceasar had called anthony his right

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  1. Take a look at your first paragraph – how might you express your interpretation in a way that sounds more sophisticated and fluent? You might want avoid using the word ‘because’ and begin to incorporate more complex sentence structures in your exploration of language.

    If I then look at yuor second paragraph, this is much more direct, but it’s still not quite there. Why not try looking for other instances of personification within the paragraph, or maybe these are simply developing the same idea…

    You may also want to consider reading this back to yourself to see where your repetition might be hindering the development of your potentially sophisticated exploration of language.


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