November 15, 2015

achieving the semantic field

How does shakespeare build tension and play with the idea of fate?

Shakespeare uses dramatic irony to build tension because the Julius Ceasar had been made hundreds of years after the story of Julius Ceasar so most of the audience knew about the story of Julius Ceasar and his death. The audience knew about ceasar dieing on the ides of narch. When the soothsayer came out saying “beware the ides of march” this made sense of the play. This made most of the audience members clear about ceasar dieing soon. With the conspirator coming into the play it is completely known to everyone that in the middle of the play ceasar will die.

Shakespeare uses figurative language to build up tension because in act 2 sc 2 calpurnia spoke about bad omes. Also, Ceasar’s wife, the day before the ides of March, had a bad dream about Ceasar getting killed on the ides of March. Calpurnia then says “When beggars die there are no comets seen, The heavens themselves blaze forth the death of princes.” This shows that Ceasar will surely die soon because there has been meteors spoke about by brutus earlier in the play. When calpurnia says these lines it shown that the meteroes are a bad omen.

Shakespeare uses pathetic fallacy as he has used meteros to show that Ceasar is going die soon. This shows the emotion anger because meteros are bright red and brightly burn, people who are angry are bright red and burn off that anger. The meteors are a way of shakespeare using pathetic fallacy to show that someone or something is angry and is metaphorically raining meteors to show anger in Julius Ceasar.

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  1. Hello Dylan,

    I think you’re actually very close to achieving the Semantic Field badge.

    The badge requires you to critically explore three separate devices used within the play that help to develop an idea or theme for the audience. Look back at your work on pathetic fallacy and then see how you might link this into the already well developing work.

  2. Hello,

    You are very close to achieving the Semantic Field badge.

    Try this
    Develop your exploration of dramatic irony – how does this develop throuhgout the play. Look at this across at least two scenes.

    Develop your exploration of omens to be separate from your exploration of patheic fallacy.

    Write a summary/conclusion.


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